The mission of Raise is to create Opportunities for Training, Employment, and Engagement of youth and young adults with Developmental Disabilities.
Raise Inc is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit Charitable Organization - so Your Donations are Tax-Deductible.
Youth with Disabilities who receive School-Based Work Experience are more than Twice as Likely to have Successful Employment after High School.

80% of youth with developmental disabilities leave high school with no employment and nothing meaningful to do. Without work, they are more likely to live in poverty, have poor health outcomes, and have greater reliance on social welfare. There are few opportunities for our youth to remain engaged in the community they know and that knows them. With your help we can change this! We can raise opportunities for them, and our community will be raised in the process!

We Have a 3 Phase Plan to Accomplish Our Mission

Hands-On Work In Schools

Phase I activities are focused on establishing a school-based coffee businesses with teachers in special education classrooms. We provide everything needed: commercial coffee makers, cups, creamers, aprons, order forms, and locally-roasted coffee.

Community Experience

Phase II programming is in the community which involves our new mobile coffee trailer that we were able to purchase thanks to a grant from the Ashland, Hanover, and Mechanicsville area Rotary Clubs. Find us at sporting events & community festivals.

A Sustainable Coffee Shop

Phase III is Coffee in our Shop! Our goal is to operate a coffee shop that will provide vocational training for students with developmental disabilities while they are still in school and offer employment opportunities once they graduate.

Raise, Inc. is a non-profit 501c3 charitable organization that serves the needs of youth and young adults with disabilities. We were founded in August of 2016 by two moms of kids with autism and intellectual disability. At this time, we are 100% volunteer led and have no overhead costs. Therefore, all of your donation will be used to create opportunities for our young people and our community. In addition, we are committed to sharing our process and lessons learned with other groups who are interested in starting inclusive coffee programs in their communities. Your support will impact lives locally, as well as nationally. We hope you will join us in whatever way you see fit, because we hold tight the belief that Together We ALL Raise!

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